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It all started more than 10 years ago with a cotton cloth, brought from overseas ... simple, undyed ... nothing seemed to attract attention; but a visionary man saw the novelty:
... the Cleaning Cloth - so simple, but so present in anyone’s life.

So he said "Let's make it special!" And so, we reinvented the cleaning cloth here, in Romania, by choosing the best cotton directly from the exotic plantations from overseas, by weaving and creating a special finishing.

We called it: Air Soft Tehnology - an unconventional modern approach to the ancient Romanian home-made weaving techniques - that keeps our product close to nature and increases its natural qualities: hydrophilic, durability and strength.

... and there it was ... THE CLEANING CLOTH ... simple, natural, useful and well-made in Romania.

From this, a whole range of products was just a step away.

Today, our cleaning cloths can be found on the shelves of most super and hyper markets in Romania; these are mass products, recognized and sought by clients all across the country from over 10 years now.

Tottex is an authentic Romanian family-brand in which 3 generations create, work and inspire one another. Our core belief, "well-made in Romania", is therefore, a constant promise made both to our customers and to the future generations.

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