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Air Soft Technology

Our cleaning cloths are based on the promise that, first of all, we made to ourselves: Well-Made in Romania. All our cleaning cloths are made from new fabric, specially designed, woven and finished.

With more than 30 years of experience in textile research & production, the company founder made possible our unique approach by combining knowledge, passion and brilliant ideas into a new innovative technology: Air Soft Technology.

At the confluence between hand-made and industrial, Air Soft Tehnology is an unconventional modern approach to our ancestors’ home-weaved fabrics. We kept the patience, the gentle processing and care for details of our ancestors in order to protect the natural fibers along the entire production process; without any unnecessary strains that don’t link to the fibers’ nature, that could affect its strength and original properties.

By using our innovative Air Soft Technology, we were able to amplify the fibers’ natural properties: our cleaning cloths are up to 4 times more absorbent than the classic cotton cloths, more durable and resistant - due to the elimination of any unnatural strains or invasive chemical treatments used in the classic industrial technology.

Our cleaning cloths provide outstanding reliability - fabric dyes, designed for prolonged skin contact human and special stitching on the edges - all are extra-durable over time, even after many washes.